My Favourite Lip Colours in Autumn 2018!

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe I’m saying this but this is going to be my last autumnal post! I thought I’d show you which lip colours have been my favourite this autumn!


The first lipstick is the NYX Lingerie in the colour ‘seduction’. This colour is quite autumnal whilst also being very neautral and wearable. It has a matte finish and it goes matte in a matter of seconds. P1080054lowresP1080055lowresP1080072lowres

The next lipstick is also a liquid matte one and it’s the Collection Velvet Kiss lipstick. This shade is perfect for autumn and although a little bolder, just as nice.P1080058lowresP1080060lowresP1080076lowres

The next lipstick is the Too Faced melted matte lipstick. I love the colour of this as it’s so neutral and pretty. I’ve been wearing this most days this autumn!P1080062lowresP1080063lowresP1080077lowres

The final lipstick I’ve been loving is the MAC lipstick in ‘Retro’. This colour screams autumn and it’s so pretty. Even though it’s a little pricey it’s definitely worth it.P1080067lowresP1080069lowres

I hope you enjoyed this post! On Sunday I’ll be back with my first Christmas/ Winter post of the year. Get excited!

Until next time,

Ella xx


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  1. I loved this blog post and the pictures were so pretty!! That NYX lip lingerie looks so good x

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  2. Those are gorgeous and I love that too faced color!

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    1. Thanks it’s so pretty!

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